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Luoyang Taixue Dyes Co., Ltd, founded in 1987, has been committed to the research and development, production and sales of papermaking powder dyes, liquid dyes and pigments for 32 years. The factory is located in luoyang city— the beautiful ancient capital of 13 dynasties in China, covering an area of about 25,000 square meters, with more than 170 registered employees currently.


We focus on the development and practical application of new products, and after more than 30 years’ development, we own professional analysis techniques and a perfect product system. Our main products include liquid dyes, powder dyes and liquid pigments for papermaking industry. The product application field covers various paper mills producing packaging paper, fine paper, household paper, specialty paper, etc. The environmental liquid dyes developed by us mainly adopt the advanced membrane-separating technology of nanofiltration-concentrating and post reverse osmosis desalinizing. In addition, we have a close relation to many universities and institutions, and have built a development network system with internal and external linkage.

Our laboratory currently has a series of advanced testing equipment such as UV spectrophotometer, liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph; color photometer and the paper-forming machines.

The advanced automatic production workshop has realized the precise control with computer, and the integrated process like automatic transportation, measurement of feed, airtight reaction of reaction kettle and others processes are completed according to the set parameters under the designated program, the automatic workshop has greatly improved the quality of products and effectively reduced the cost of manpower.

“Green hills and clean water are invaluable assets!”We have deeply rooted the concept of environmental protection in every link of the research, development and manufacturing processes. We promote the harmonious development of people and environment, relying on the continuous innovation and upgrading of product quality and services.

Our company has invested 19 million RMB to complete the advanced wastewater treatment project, which has become the research base of industrial wastewater treatment techniques for the Pollution Control Division of the Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau. The project adopts advanced nanofiltration technology with American GE nanofiltration membrane for wastewater treatment. The evaporating and crystallizing of wastewater are achieved through the re-compression technology of MVR steam machinery, which reduces the demand for external energy. Therefore, it does not only realize the purpose of high efficiency and energy saving, but also ensures that all the wastewater from production is up to standard. In this way, we have achieved the overall unity of social benefits, environmental benefits and economic benefits. 

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We adhere to the business concept of “NO BEST, JUST CAN BE BETTER, WE EFFORT CONSTANTLY!”, and build the brand “Taixue” with perfect products and service.


Over 35 years experience and extensive industry knowledge.


Superior quality dyes and matching industry standards and parameters.


Fully automatic production equipment.


Advanced sewage treatment system.


Excellent after sales service.

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Provide various kinds of hue handsheets for Kraft board


Provide color matching test for color paper


Provide dye application experiment


Provide detailed dyeing solution on paper machine

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The sewage treatment project, with an investment of over RMB 19 million jointly by our company and the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, has become the research base of industrial wastewater treatment techniques for the Pollution Control Division of the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau.

We believe environmental protection is the foundation of achieving remarkable development for our company. The concept of environmental protection is implanted deeply into every link of research and development, production and manufacture by us. We rely on product quality and constant innovation and upgrade of service items to boost the harmonious development of human beings and environment. We adhere to the business concept of "There is no best only better, and we are making constant efforts", and build the brand "Taixue" with perfect products and service.

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